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( Words: Claim Ho | Photos: Firm400 Staff )

The first day of the SEMA Show 2016 was a success for the JDM Sport and Firm400 team as SEMA's 50th Anniversary Celebration was underway.

The performance company returned to the main stage at Central Hall unveiling their new line of performance parts and accessories including Neo-Chrome centered Wood Grain Steering Wheels, NEW and improved turbo chargers, turbo manifolds, and their Gold Series Catback Exhaust Systems. Our JDM Sport Vixens have been doing such a great job working the show! Great job ladies!

Jasmyn Skye & The JDM Sport Vixens Posing For Pictures At The SEMA Show's 50th Anniversary Signage

SEMA 2016 Attendees Visiting The JDM Sport Booth Where The Performance Manufacturer Continues To Grow Having Interest From The International Automotive Aftermarket Of Potential Dealers and Distributors.

Jasmyn Skye & the JDM Sport Vixens SEMA 2016 roster along with our good friend and amazing team member Ricky Dailey from @NoLove4Atlanta

JDM Sport Vixen @BrittanyMurata posing next to Choi Durante's Honda Civic Si featured JDM Sport Booth Vehicle

JDM Sport Vixen @RozyCastillo Posing With Featured JDM Sport Coilovers and Gold Catback Exhaust System

Jasmyn Skye and the JDM Sport Vixens (Left to Right: Jenna, Rozy, and Brittany) did such a great job working the booth at this year's SEMA Show! Good work ladies!

Being staged right across from Honda was a great location as JDM Sport featured one of their new sponsored builds from this season.

Ricky Dailey from @NoLove4Atlanta was our media correspondent interviewing attendees at SEMA 2016. Pictured above is Ricky interviewing Choi Durante, owner of the JDM Sport sponsored Honda Civic Si build from the east coast that was featured at their booth inside Central Hall.

Choi Durante's Honda Civic Si build from the east coast got trailered to the Las Vegas Convention Center and is now sitting pretty in the center of the JDM Sport Booth 25075 complimenting the Honda atmosphere in the back of Central Hall. Our FIrm400 Media Team has been proactive in covering this year's monumental 50th celebration for SEMA.

Special Thanks to @360Products.co for supplying our JDM Sport Vixens the necessary cleaning solutions when keeping Choi Durante's Honda Civic Si build spotless during SEMA Week!

This year's JDM Sport SEMA Promotional Item was their LIMITED NEW Turbo Charger Air Freshener!

One of our sponsored drivers in motorsports came out to SEMA 2016. Firm400 Media Correspondent: Stephanie Rodriguez aka "@StephanieDrifts" stopped by our booth during SEMA Week and gave us insight on her experience using JDM Sport's Performance Parts & Accessories drifting in her pink Nissan S13 coupe.

Stephanie gave us her product knowledge in using JDM Sport's coilovers suspension, as well as drifting with their new wood grain series steering wheels and also giving her take on JDM Sport's NEW Gold Series Catback Exhaust Systems.

There was also additional performance catbacks with gold plated JDM Sport badging featured at the booth.

Day 3 of the SEMA Show's 50th Anniversary Celebration brought out the exclusive NEW Metallic Series Wood Grain Steering Wheels by JDM Sport. Sponsored Driver @StephanieDrifts was the first to unveil the new product!

Lastly, Stephanie was one of the first to preview and present to the automotive aftermarket JDM Sport's NEW Metallic Series Wood Grain Steering Wheels. We wanted to thank Stephanie, Jim, and her team for all of their hard work this season and helping produce some AMAZING video supporting JDM Sport's Performance Parts & Accessories. We look forward to seeing you shred some more tires in 2017!! Checkout Stephanie's SEMA 2016 Coverage where she checked out parts of the show while being out there:

JDM Sport had an impressive booth setup displaying majority of their product line of performance parts and accessories. The company's return to SEMA has sparked international interest from the automotive aftermarket and their product distribution continues to grow for the JDM Sport brand. It was pleasure to have been a part of SEMA's 50th Anniversary Celebration during this great moment for us as well where JDM Sport will be celebrating its monumental 10 years in 2017!

Several of JDM Sport's accessories were featured including wastegates, tow hooks, subframes, fuel management unit, fuel pressure regulator and JDM Sport's spark plug wire spacers to name a few.

One of JDM Sport's sponsored featured builds for SEMA 2016 was from 8th Gen Honda Accord owner Marcus Wilson with Cali Coalition Car Club from San Diego, California. His 8th Gen Honda Accord build was sponsored this year by JDM Sport and made it to this year's SEMA 2016 50th Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas. Marcus is the president of the car club where his Accord build underwent various upgrades as a featured vehicle for the SEMA Show. Entering his build into this year's monumental SEMA Celebration, the 8th Gen Accord was staged right outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center alongside Vaughn Gittin Jr's Trailer at the Ford Demo area.

Sponsored JDM Sport products that went into his build included JDM Sport Fender Washers for the engine bay, JDM Sport Performance Aluminum Lug Nuts, and JDM Sport's NEW Neo-Chrome Centered Wood Grain Steering Wheel. The exterior was enhanced with a neo-chrome wrap as well as carbon fiber hood from Seibon, and supporting sponsors including Accelera Tires, NS Wheels, XIX Wheels, EZ Lip, SOS Customz, Pann Auto, XS Power Batteries, EGR, Cquence Brakes, Auto Fashion USA, MGP Caliper Covers, Magnaflow, Injen Technology, Wrap Supreme, Orafol Americas, Spec-D Tuning, Carglo, Life In The Other Lane and Skidplateguy. We would like to thank Marcus and Cali Coalition Car Club for all of their support representing JDM Sport and his fellow sponsors. We look forward to seeing you at next year's show season in 2017!

Follow Cali Coalition on Instagram: @calicoalitioncarclub

Another JDM Sport sponsored build was a featured booth vehicle in South Hall displayed at Konig Wheels. The JDM Sport sponsored Honda S2000 SEMA build built by Infinite Auto Design displayed several of JDM Sport's performance products and accessories including JDM Sport's Intercooler, lug nuts, and fender washers.

We were there during the SEMA Crunch where Brian and the team over at Infinite Auto Design made sure that they would complete the S2K just in time for roll-in into South Hall with Konig Wheels. Thank you Brian and Infinite Auto Design for supporting JDM Sport and Firm400 this season! Be sure to checkout Infinite Auto Design on Instagram: @_infiniteauto

Our team was very proactive during SEMA Week. Having a chance to explore majority of Central Hall was such a treat and we were able to see the diversity of builds complimenting the featured manufacturers. The Firm400 x JDMSportTV team had the chance in visiting several of the vendors that were staged inside Central Hall. One of our very first visits was with our neighbors over at Voodoo13USA. Voodoo13USA specializes in engineering suspension components of the highest quality manufactured in the USA. At their booth they displayed several of their products and featured a Nissan GT-R R35 build.

Big Abe stopped by for a quick shot with the JDM Sport Vixens during our interview session with Voodoo13

Our friend Ricky from No Love 4 Atlanta had a sit down with Junior from Voodoo13 where will be having our exclusive extended SEMA 2016 Coverage up real soon!

We stopped by our friends over at TruFiber in Central Hall! They were once again close to where our booth was at! Its always a pleasure catching up with good friends in our industry!

Checkout TruFiber and their carbon fiber products: http://www.trufiber.com

The girls stopped by our other neighbors over at TA Technix from Germany! Thanks for the shot!

Onto our big neighbors over at Honda! They had amazing cars that were on display for the SEMA Show including the 25th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog Honda Civic build where the girls had the chance to play some Sonic in the back of the trunk!

The tow-ready Acura NSX GT3 was a show stopper at SEMA 2016!

The JDM Sport Vixens are always happy to take photos with show attendees! Great work at SEMA 2016!

We stopped by Devil's Own Injection right across from Honda. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the company in our video coverage coming real soon!

Checkout Devil's Own Injection at http://www.alcohol-injection.com

We stopped by Bedwood and Parts and checked out the fastest log! Bed Wood and Parts manufactures the highest quality bed kits available for trucks from 1917 to today and distributes its products globally under three brands: BedWood® wood and metal products classic pickup trucks; RetroLiner® real wood bed liners for any pickup truck with a metal bed floor; and WoodBone® laminated wood products including their patented Tailgate Butcher Block. Stay tuned for our interview with Bryan Reid Sr, owner of the fastest log race car in our upcoming video coverage of SEMA 2016! Checkout more product info by visiting http://www.bedwoodandparts.com

The team came over to AEM's booth where the girls wanted to pose with Chris Forsberg's classic Z build.

Onto the Concourse of Central Hall where Ford continues to dominate its footprint in the automotive aftermarket at the SEMA Show making its mark at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Back to South Hall where we visited Advanti Wheels and had a chance to catch up with Carlos Molina from Projekt Cars. They featured their gold BMW build highlighting the latest wheels from Advanti.

Lexani always brings flavor to the SEMA Show every year! We noticed our friend Carlos taking the stage hyping up the SEMA Show attendees for some freebies in South Hall. The wheel company brought out special guest Hip Hop Legend Too Short at their booth where they were promoting their afterparty festivities during SEMA Week. Thanks Carlos for letting us in VIP to take shots with Too Short and his entourage! Much Love!

JDM Sport Vixens Jasmyn Skye & Jenn with the Hip Hop Legend himself! Much Love to Too Short & Lexani!!

One of the amazing builds inside Central Hall was the Mazda RX-7/FD build featured at Garrett's booth. The girls loved the whole design of the build inside and out! We would love to see that build perform on the track!

This awesome classic GT-R build was featured at the OS Giken booth where you will hear more about the build and products in our upcoming interview with the Japanese company.

Checkout more about OS Giken by visiting their website: http://www.osgiken.net

The ladies headed over to the DUB area right outside of South Hall to pose in front of several featured cars including the Street Standard Lamborghini build and also this clean Liberty Walk Audi!

NOS Energy Drink is making its comeback to the show scene! Welcome Back NOS! We Love The Grape Flavor!

The JDM Sport Vixens Love NOS Energy Drink!!

Outside of South Hall were several wheel companies including Gear Alloy Wheels, Center Line Alloy Wheels, Motiv Wheels, and Fondmetal Wheels to name a few. The SEMA Show continues to grow its landscape! We can only imagine how BIGGER the show will be next year and years to come after that!

While exploring the outside of South Hall, we entered into one of the exhibitor tents and came across Dom's Dodge Charger R/T from the upcoming Fast & Furious 8 film featured at the Jada booth. Can't wait to see this beast in action on the big screen!

Exiting the exhibitor tents from South Hall, we finally made it to the West Coast Customs featured area!

This year's West Coast Customs SEMA booth highlighted their collaboration with European Automaker BMW.

Before entering inside the West Coast Customs featured BMW area, we noticed Will.I.am's Tesla build that we seen earlier this year at the REAL West Coast Customs Car Show! This build was designed by our good friend MUSA where we barely had the chance to catch up with him(he stopped by our booth and missed him) while we were out covering the SEMA Show. Congratulations Musa on all of your success! Keep up the amazing work that you do!

Some American Muscle featured across from Will.I.am's Tesla build.

Inside the BMW featured area were custom i-Series Builds

BMW Enthusiasts had the chance to take a joy-ride at the Continental Tire x BMW Performance Driving School

Checkout the Corvette LS3 inside this classic build we'll be featuring in our upcoming video coverage!

Here were some of the builds that were featured alongside the outer area of South Hall near West Coast Customs

The Vixens posing with Ryan Tuerck's Scion FR-S build from Formula Drift at the Gumout Performance Booth

@ The Tire Stickers Booth Posing In Front Of The Always Evolving Z Build

The JDM Sport Vixens posing with the gorgeous Gear Alloy Wheels Models.

Stopped by the Fondmetal booth to checkout the McLaren!

The awesome view from Fittipaldi Wheels where we can see the Westgate and Stratosphere Casinos from the South End of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Game of Thrones inspired Burning Man Art Car made its return to the SEMA Show this year! What an incredible work of art and design!

We spotted some of our friend's builds including Sam's Rumble Bee STi build representing AWDsome Lifestyles!

That truck was raised pretty high for our Vixens to be standing right under the truck to pose for pictures!

One of the last trucks we shot while heading back to Central Hall!

The Firm400 Magazine Release Party was another one in the books! Special Thanks to our good friends that came out to support including Studio7Graphics, Octane Racing, Lum Digital, VMR Wheels, Infinite Auto Design, DJ Aquatek & Crew, NoLove4Atlanta, FreshOP, CarStreet Journal, AJP Distributor, JDM Sport, & the JDM Sport Vixens! Special Shout Outs and Thanks To DJ Static aka Ayosha, Jonathan Storm, and Tihamer for having Firm400 Magazine feature your team's work on our 2016 SEMA Cover Issue! You dont know how much that means to us and just know that we are here to support you! Last but not least, thank you to our media team!(Special Thanks To Matt Fink For The Afterparty Coverage Stills)

This year, we were very fortunate to have covered majority of what could be seen if you were to explore the core parts of the SEMA Show. Our last portion of coverage was crucial as we covered portions of the drift demo at the Ford area outside of the convention center as well as the finale of the week: The Annual SEMA Cruise! We will be having more video coverage of the drift demo and SEMA Cruise coming real soon so make sure to follow us on social media @Firm400 for The SEMA Show 2016 50th Anniversary Celebration! We wanted to give a special thanks to Lori and her amazing team over at the SEMA Media Center for taking care of our team! We truly appreciate it and we can't wait to share more of our captures while being out at this monumental event celebrating SEMA's 50 Years! Our LAST THANK YOU has to go out to our TEAM!! We did it guys! If it weren't for everyone's contributions, our success wouldn't be the ending result at this year's SEMA Show! So THANK YOU to each and every one of you that helped out! We are indeed the A-TEAM! Can't wait to see what's in store for next year as we celebrate JDM Sport's 10 Year Celebration at SEMA 2017!! See you next year!

Our Facebook (http:// www.facebook.com/firm400) has already covered majority of the featured builds inside Central Hall and the photo gallery is now live on our fanpage. Our 4th Printed SEMA Edition Issue of Firm400 Magazine has finally been published and has already been viewed over 2000 times online. Stay up to date with Firm400 as we will be bringing you more coverage of SEMA's 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Checkout our gallery of stills from the SEMA Day 1! We will be having more uploads of stills during the week & also stay tuned for our FULL Video Coverage of SEMA 2016!

Find more photos like this on .: FIRM 400 :.

View more coverage by visiting our official facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/firm400

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JDM Sport Sponsored SEMA 2015 Builds:

Jefferson Bryant from Red Dirt Rodz in Stillwater, Oklahoma introduced to us his 1962 Mercury Comet Wagon. This build was right out in front of Central Hall where the green and black featured SEMA vehicle showcased its custom work. The announcement was made earlier this summer via StreetTechMag where Project: "Comet RDR5P62” would be making its appearance this year at the SEMA Show. The 1962 Mercury Comet Wagon is powered by a Ford 347 stroker featuring two 58mm ball-bearing turbos from Precision Turbo and Engine feeding a Holley twin-throttle body EFI system.

(JDM Sport Couplers Were Used For The Engine Build Of The Comet Wagon)

Air supply is handled through Burns Stainless tubing. An Aeromotive fuel system pumps the hi-octane fuel from the Summit Racing fuel cell. Inside the 347 cubic-inch engine is a set of forged SRP pistons, Scat forged H-beam rods and crank. The camshaft is a Comp Cams roller piece, driving the Magnum roller rockers bolted onto the RHS Pro Action heads. An Edelbrock dual-carb intake tops off the motor along with a set of custom PRW valve covers. Also the addition of JDM Sport couplers were utilized alongside the amazing engine build of the Comet Wagon. Thank you Jefferson for sharing with us your amazing build and we look forward to seeing more of your projects at next year’s SEMA Show.

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JDM Sport Sponsored SEMA 2015 Builds:

Sokly Sim made his return to SEMA. His JDM Sport sponsored Hyundai Veloster rolled into the Las Vegas Convention Center revealing its new custom Gold BMW Aurum paint exterior alongside with several upgrades done to the build. The Veloster was decked out with JDM Sport accessories including fender washers and 32-Way adjustable coilovers. Also the debut of the NEW tow hook design from Next Inc. could be seen on the front bumper of the SEMA build as well as custom carbon fiber accents brought to you by Slick Carbon.

Custom head lights were done by @that_light_guy as the rest of the parts list and upgrades include: K&N Intake, Magnaflow Exhaust, CQuence brake rotors and pads, XXR Wheels, carbon fiber trunk, rolla roof rack, EGR USA hood shield, ADRO full lip kit, custom vented fenders, custom carbon skinning from mirror cover, lip kits, A pillar, engine cover, strut bar, interior, roof and custom spoiler.

(Melissa Miller Interviews Houston Do From CQuence Brakes & Rotors @ SEMA 2015)

Sokly’s future plans for his build include a full custom sound system, wide body conversion, custom seats, and a tune and build to 400hp. Sponsors of this year’s Hyundai Veloster project include: JDM Sport, EGR USA, That Light Guy, CQuence Brakes, Slick Carbon, and Studio Seven Graphics.

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JDM Sport SEMA 2015 Sponsored Builds:

Next up is Reyneiro Larios’ converted right hand drive Classic 1940 Ford Rat Rod from Teck’s Garage sponsored by JDM Sport. Sitting right outside of Central Hall, the custom build lived up to its traditional “unfinished” rusty interior with an added custom bed wood floor on the rear of the deck. Rat Rods are known to be built to drive and not to show however with classics being a rarity on the road, Rey’s classic SEMA build stood out of the crowd. Teck’s Garage put together a custom JDM Sport twin-turbo setup bringing back to life the performance of the classic with their GT35 Turbo Chargers.

This build was definitely a showstopper representing the hot rod culture showcasing JDM Sport’s performance parts during SEMA week as the sponsored build will be making its appearance at various shows throughout Southern California next year.

(Sokly Sim From Carbon Series Interviews Reyneiro Larios @ SEMA 2015)

Here is the list of mods that was done to the vehicle: 1940 Ford truck motor - 383 stroker with an Edelbrock intake manifold, Holley carb modified for boost, Pair of JDM Sport GT35 Turbo Chargers, JDM Sport blow off valves, JDM Sport wastegates, CX Racing intercooler and turbo top hat, Two Step Motorsports intercooler piping, downpipes, and dump tubes, Tranny is a 350 turbo, truck has been chopped sectioned and converted to RHD, Suicide shifter, bagged on a suicide front end, rear is bagged and four linked using viar air compressors, full custom frame, custom interior and beedrolled, JDM Sport performance gauges, rims: Ford smoothies on 700 biesply white walls, custom wood bed with rusted strips, pin striping on the doors by Teck’s Garage, pin striping on the tailgate done by DA Designs, custom fabrication and work done by Teck’s Garage.

For More SEMA 2015 Coverage CLICK HERE

JDM Sport Sponsored SEMA 2015 Builds: JDM Sport also had several builds that were featured outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Each of the sponsored builds from JDM Sport had its own story to tell and its unique characteristics respectfully. Our first featured vehicle spotlight is on Johnny Avila’s Honda Civic Si build from Octane Racing. The JDM Sport sponsored track car made its debut last year right outside in front of the convention center signage upgrading its white paint with a complete blue wrap exterior.

With its USDM Mugen RR front bumper conversion, the Octane Racing President unveiled its upgraded suspension with JDM Sport’s 32-Way adjustable coilovers and the addition of more boost and power with a JDM Sport T3/T4 Turbo Charger. During the 2015 show season, Octane Racing made their mark competing at various shows throughout Southern California. Not only were they competing but the team also contributed their time supporting charities such as the R.A.C.E. (Racers Against Cancer Events) that took place at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. Custom decals were provided once again by Studio Seven Graphics.

At last year’s debut, the FG2 Civic Si sported a set of Enkies Series PF01S wheels where this time around the build was fitted with new Ryver Wheels. From the hood to the trunk, the overall build encompassed the traditional “Sound” and “Performance” theme where a custom audio setup featuring Cerwin-Vega Mobile components completed its judging checklist. On stock injectors, the FG2 Civic Si was pushing 380 tuned by Erick’s Racing. Avila’s build overall was a great representation for JDM Sport as the Octane Racing team will be volunteering at several holiday events during the off-season while preparing for the 2016 events schedule. Checkout the list of modifications on Johnny Avila’s JDM Sport Sponsored Honda Civic Si FG2 SEMA build:

(Sokly Sim From Carbon Series Interviews Octane Racing President Johnny Avila @ SEMA 2015)

Name: Jonathan Avila
Instagram: @boosted_avilafg2

Car Modifications List:

Cold air intake, fd2 headers, Skunk2 manifold, Hondata flash pro, full straight pipe, Tanabe exhaust, K-Tuned fuel rail, K-Tuned dip stick, Pistons, rings, crank shaft, downstar spikes, JDM Sport T3/T4 Turbo Charger

Seibon carbon hood, Spoon carbon mirrors, APR GT carbon wing, VIS Racing carbon garnish and trunk, carbon splitters, Extreme Dimensions rear bumper, Mugen RR USDM custom coupe bumper, carbon splitter, carbon fenders from Advan carbon

Recaro door inserts, Willans harness, Bride low max, NRG harness bar, JDM Sport wood grain steering wheel, FD2 shift boot, NRG quick release and hub, VMS shift knob.

Pioneer head unit, full Cerwin-Vega Mobile components, custom box

Ryver Wheels, JDM Sport 32-Way Coilover Systems

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