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Its #TunerTuesday here at Firm400 and we are delighted to feature one of our very first product accessory installation tutorials! Our friends at JDM Sport have just released their NEW series of JDM Sport Valve Cover Washer Dress-Up Kits into the automotive aftermarket for Honda enthusiasts. We thought it would be awesome to capture stills of the installation process and share it with tuners who are looking to upgrade and accessorize their engine components with JDM Sport products. This feature can give our readers a better understanding of installing products and taking the necessary safety precautions as we look forward to producing more content for our automotive enthusiasts! The JDM Sport Valve Cover Washers are available for the Honda Civic B-Series, D-Series, & K-Series applications. In this tutorial, we are covering the installation for the Honda Civic B-Series.

Before the initial install, the most important thing is to make sure that your engine is completely cooled down! Considering you are removing the valve cover, spark plug wires, and additional hardware, your safety is very important so make sure you follow directions or seek a professional for assistance.

Necessary tools needed for the install:

Ratchet Set

Allen Key



Shop Rags

Here are the steps to installing your JDM Sport Honda Civic B-Series Valve Cover Washers:

1) Remove the four outer bolts that surround & hold the valve cover in place.

2) Remove the center bolts from the spark plug wire cover (if applicable)

3) Next, remove the spark plug wire cover & carefully remove and unplug the spark plug wires

4) Now remove the inner bolts that surround the spark plug wires & carefully remove the valve cover.

5) You can now safely unscrew the inner bolts that surrounded the spark plug wires and replace them with the JDM Sport replacement bolts/screws.

6) Repeat Step 5 only replacing the outer bolts/screws that were originally removed in Step 1.

7) Make sure all screws are properly tightened and secured.


8 x 1.25 mm

26 N-m (2.6 kg-m, 19 lb-ft)

8) Next, put the valve cover back in place. Make sure your spark plug wires are plugged in and tightly secured.

9) Now here's the fun part! Open the up the package of JDM Sport Honda Civic B-Series Valve Cover Washers which includes the rubber o-rings & screws.

10) Place the rubber o-rings on the outer back rim of each valve cover washer.

11) Get the larger valve cover washers and place them on the outer screws that were replaced from the valve cover. Tighten the washers with the screws that were included in the package.

12) You are almost done! The rest of the washers are to be placed in the center bolts of the valve cover alongside the spark plug wires where you had originally removed in the beginning of this tutorial. Tighten the screws to secure the washers and there you have it!

Your JDM Sport Honda Civic B-Series Valve Cover Washers are now installed! Congratulations!

For more information about the NEW JDM Sport Valve Cover Washers, visit the official JDM Sport website by clicking on the link:  http://www.jdmsportnation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=featured&Itemid=638

Special Thanks To AJP Distributors!

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JDM Sport Sponsored SEMA 2015 Builds: JDM Sport also had several builds that were featured outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Each of the sponsored builds from JDM Sport had its own story to tell and its unique characteristics respectfully. Our first featured vehicle spotlight is on Johnny Avila’s Honda Civic Si build from Octane Racing. The JDM Sport sponsored track car made its debut last year right outside in front of the convention center signage upgrading its white paint with a complete blue wrap exterior.

With its USDM Mugen RR front bumper conversion, the Octane Racing President unveiled its upgraded suspension with JDM Sport’s 32-Way adjustable coilovers and the addition of more boost and power with a JDM Sport T3/T4 Turbo Charger. During the 2015 show season, Octane Racing made their mark competing at various shows throughout Southern California. Not only were they competing but the team also contributed their time supporting charities such as the R.A.C.E. (Racers Against Cancer Events) that took place at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. Custom decals were provided once again by Studio Seven Graphics.

At last year’s debut, the FG2 Civic Si sported a set of Enkies Series PF01S wheels where this time around the build was fitted with new Ryver Wheels. From the hood to the trunk, the overall build encompassed the traditional “Sound” and “Performance” theme where a custom audio setup featuring Cerwin-Vega Mobile components completed its judging checklist. On stock injectors, the FG2 Civic Si was pushing 380 tuned by Erick’s Racing. Avila’s build overall was a great representation for JDM Sport as the Octane Racing team will be volunteering at several holiday events during the off-season while preparing for the 2016 events schedule. Checkout the list of modifications on Johnny Avila’s JDM Sport Sponsored Honda Civic Si FG2 SEMA build:

(Sokly Sim From Carbon Series Interviews Octane Racing President Johnny Avila @ SEMA 2015)

Name: Jonathan Avila
Instagram: @boosted_avilafg2

Car Modifications List:

Cold air intake, fd2 headers, Skunk2 manifold, Hondata flash pro, full straight pipe, Tanabe exhaust, K-Tuned fuel rail, K-Tuned dip stick, Pistons, rings, crank shaft, downstar spikes, JDM Sport T3/T4 Turbo Charger

Seibon carbon hood, Spoon carbon mirrors, APR GT carbon wing, VIS Racing carbon garnish and trunk, carbon splitters, Extreme Dimensions rear bumper, Mugen RR USDM custom coupe bumper, carbon splitter, carbon fenders from Advan carbon

Recaro door inserts, Willans harness, Bride low max, NRG harness bar, JDM Sport wood grain steering wheel, FD2 shift boot, NRG quick release and hub, VMS shift knob.

Pioneer head unit, full Cerwin-Vega Mobile components, custom box

Ryver Wheels, JDM Sport 32-Way Coilover Systems

For More SEMA 2015 Coverage CLICK HERE

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