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Carshow & Motorsports Season is here as tuners prepare their builds for show and on the track. JDM Sport and Firm400 sponsored several drifters this season including two new female drifter girls into our JDM Family. One of our girls @StephanieDrifts took some time and made an awesome video on how to install JDM Sport's suspension on her ride. Checkout our sponsored drifter girl @StephanieDrifts as she gives us insight on how to install JDM Sport Coilovers on the front of her Pink Nissan 240sx S13 coupe. We broke it down for you step-by-step (From her video tutorial) on how to replace your front suspension and install JDM Sport Coilovers with Miss @StephanieDrifts:

Installing my front JDMSPORT Coilovers was fun and easy.  I was very impressed on not only how these came packaged but the quality as well.

I began by removing these JDM Sport Neo-Chrome Steel Lugnuts that are so cool!!

Once I removed my wheel, I moved my attention to the brake line.  The brake line is attached to the coilover by a small clip.  I grab my pliers and yank that little guy out!

Afterwards, I removed the two 17mm bolt and nut that connect the knuckle to the coilover as I hold on to the rotor so it doesn’t fall on me.

Once I remove the three 14mm nuts holding the old coilover…

Its out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

I hold on to the coilover with my left hand while I tighten the three 14mm nuts at the top.

Once that’s done, I connect the coilover back to the knuckle, attach the clip holding the brake line, put my wheel back on and Voila! My Front JDM Sport Coilovers are in.  All that was left to do was adjust the height and align my car.

I compared my old coilovers to the JDM Sport and the JDM Sport ones were 8lbs lighter. Also, I was able to run these coilovers at All Star Bash 2015, which is a drifting event here in SoCal, and they felt AWESOME. I am looking forward to running these coilovers for my 2016 competition season!

Checkout the FULL Video below:

Thank You Stephanie For Your Support!!

Follow Stephanie On Instagram: @StephanieDrifts

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